Barbie Dolls Inspired By Different Countries

If you don’t play dolls when you’re just a little kid, it means you don’t enjoy your childhood. Dolls give pleasure to children as they play with it. Playing dolls is advisable not only to young girls might as well to young boys too. There are many companies who managed to produce dolls for boys. This can certify that there are certain dolls which are appropriate for young boys only. Furthermore, with doll playing children actually enhance their social skills because they are interacting with different people. They also develop their knowledge since they are able to do role playing in which they can practice to speak properly. These are the benefits a child may gain with doll playing.

When we talk about dolls, the first brand that usually comes to our mind is Barbie. For everyone’s information Barbie is a fashion doll which is produced by an American Toy Company named Mattel, Inc. and started in march 1959. One of its accredited staffs is Ruth Handler with its creation of doll inspired by Bild Lilli. Barbie Dolls are for young girls used only and for those who are collectors. Today, Barbie continues to create dolls that are expected to touch every children’s heart.

Barbie has different dolls which are inspired by different countries. Here are some of them:

Indiana Barbie Doll

This doll is dressed with a yellow saffron sari and a hajib-like veil. It wears gold shoes, gold bangles and a bold touch of red completes the traditional look. It includes country stickers, passport, a monkey friend and brush to maintain its soft hair.

Mexico Barbie Doll

This doll is ready for fiesta. She wears a bright pink dress with ruffles, lace with different colors and ribbon accents. It also has country stickers, passport, chihuahua friend and a brush.

Holland barbie Doll
She wears a traditional blue dress with striped apron, braids, white stockings and wooden shoes. Included in the set are brush, bunny friend, passport and country stickers.

Chile Barbie Doll

This Chilean cowgirl wears a lacy ruffles and a colorful sash placed at her waist. She wearsblack boot extending above the knee and a black hat to complete the look. A Chilean fox, brush, passport and country stickers were included in the box.

Canada barbie Doll

This doll wears a dress inspired by Red Serge which is the uniform of the Canadian Mounted Police. Below her wide-brimmed hat she have a red tunic, dark blue breeches with yellow leg stripe, leather brown belt and brown riding boots. Country stickers and passport are included.

These are few of Barbie’s doll collection. Every doll surely look so gorgeous in actual. Barbie also offers some dolls accessories like clothes, shoes, hats and many more.

Significance of Playing Dolls

We cannot deny the fact that we all played dolls whether girls or boys during our young age. Parents often refuse to admit that they give opportunity for their daughter to play with dolls. As a matter of fact girls are craving for dolls, puppets and stuff toys even before they are born in this world. Gender seems to be the basis of most parents when deciding whether to allow their baby to play with dolls or not. However, this is not a big deal now because there are several boy dolls which are available on the market today. For sure no one could ever think that by just playing dolls, children may gain some benefits particularly on developing their skills.

When they are dressing and giving the dolls food to eat, the children increase the fine-motor skills which are the coordination of small muscles usually located in the fingers. By doing role plays using dolls and interacting with other children they practice language as well as enhancing their social skills.

We do all have primary needs just like children. Parents do have a battle when it comes to feeding or making them asleep during bedtime and with the help of dolls or toy beds it seems to be a simple to handle problem. This can be done effectively by putting some dolls into the place to catch the attention of the children. Parents become glad when they saw their children playing dolls and pretending to be a mom or dad.

Playing dolls enable children to go through strong emotions. There are times that children do bad things with dolls like putting the baby inside the oven or even fridge it. Such manner let children to release pressure rather than holding it to one’s self. Children frequently use dolls to cease the rough things they are going through with their family. They may even utter words that they cannot say directly to their families. This scenario is healthy and no one must be discouraged about it.

Dolls for Infants:

Knot dolls or those affixed to a wooden ring for the infants to practice grasping objects using their hands.
Soft and small dolls rapidly become the most chosen comfortable stuff for infants.
Dolls with different colors and made from various fabrics especially those with music when pressed to stimulate the children senses.

Dolls for Toddlers:

A 12-14 inch doll which increase the toddlers fine motor skills by enabling them to dress and undress it.
Pushing the dolls in small sized strollers, transferring them in and out a doll sized chair and placing them back to bed aids in improving their large motor skills.

After understanding the impact of doll playing to the children’s development, you can now give the appropriate dolls according to their age. Better to at least associate with them while they are playing to see how their skills improve as they grow.

Dolls For Little Boys

Who said dolls are for the girls only? There are some dolls that look like a boy and are actually just for boys. Like many other dolls these boy dolls can also be dressed up. Boy Dolls are rare and are not usually available in many outlets nationwide. There is one company that takes pride in producing such dolls and this is Pattycake Doll Company located at Fayetteville, New York. They carries over 400 variety of dolls yet it is only a small doll store after all. With their long history, they are now selling asian baby dolls, dolls for black children, rag dolls, celebrity dolls, collectible dolls, puppets, paper dolls, animated, dolls, musical dolls, antique dolls, boy dolls and so much more. Included in their collections of boy dolls are the following:

Playtime Little Price – has a cute applique frog in an adorable green and blue stripes knit outfit with matching a blue and white baby cap. This doll is washable and scented by a baby powder. It has a soft body and some vinyl parts like the hands, feet and head. It has sleeping eyes with pretty eyelashes.

Good Buddy Graham – this doll is for toddlers. It is well dressed from head to feet. All of his clothes are removable. For little boys dressing this doll again is an interesting game together with their mom. While for older boys they can do it themselves.

Cool kid Asher – this doll is perfect in size not too big and not too little. His clothes are removable, when take away all, the blue underwear is left. Has a cool skull and crossbones design on the t-shirt. It is all cloth and made to be washable. Little boys will surely love this cool doll.

Johnny - it is 12 inch tall and a tender rag style boy doll. He is dressed in a brown pants and maroon t- shirt which are removable. Its surface is made from soft velboa shell over fiberfill that can be rinsed with water and dry in the air.

– this doll is an african boy which is 12 inch tall. It is soft and plush, dressed in blue and gray pants and also a gray t-shirt. He has an attractive smile on his embroidered face. This is among the most talk about dolls for black children.

Little SanJay – is one of the greatest dolls Pattycake doll company has ever made. Many people loves his warm brown skin, straight black hair, beautiful brown eyes and his chubby cheeks. It is a 14 inch ethnic boy doll and can fit the clothes of any manufacturer from 13” to 15” standards.

All of the above mentioned boy dolls had passed the Toy Safety Regulations. They are only few, more are coming as Pattycake Doll Company continue to kick in this industry.

Ideal Baby Dolls For Little Girls

We all know that kids really love to play the moment they were born in this world and for parents they must be informed on what are the advisable dolls to buy for their children. There are dolls appropriate for infants, toddlers and as they grow old. Parents must be mindful on the proper selection of baby dolls because there are some which are not for young one’s and might affect their health when come in contact with them. To give you some awareness on what are the perfect dolls for toddlers, here are three of them manufactured by Corolle which is a company situated in France.

Classic Doll Lou

Corolle dolls are definitely made for sharing hugs; some are for fashion playing and hair styling which brings fun. All little girl’s wishes to own a Corolle dolls as it is enjoyable to play with. Miss Corolle Lou is dressed in polka dot which extends up to her toes. Corolle doll influences the childhood values of many young children like the toddlers.

It has sealed eyes that opens and closes for real.
It can suck her thumb or any pacifier if have.
It has a smooth plush body and pliable vinyl limbs and head.
This doll is pervading with a pleasant vanilla scent.

Babicorolle Large Rag Doll Pink

This doll wears all pink clothing with some embroidered parts. She is 13 inches tall and with blue eyes. It can be use by little girls ages birth and up. This doll is as soft as pillow and perfect for cuddling. This is appropriate as the baby’s first doll. Corolle put care and style as they created dolls for little girls wherein they find their dream dolls. Corolle are aware on what little girls love so the company comes up with this kind of doll. Each and every Corolle dolls are made with touch of sophistication in France.

Mon Premier Doll Accessories Set

These doll accessories set has all the necessary things needed in taking good care a baby doll. These includes, diaper cover, pacifier, rubber ducky and towel and some additional item which are a talc shaker and cream tube. Playing as mommy or daddy made it easy by using this Corolle Doll Accessories Set.

These are the best dolls produced by Corolle Company which can be played by toddlers. Now that you are familiar with the dolls suitable for your baby girl, you can freely choose what doll you prefer.